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We help SA's Top Brands to Level Up their learning!

We are a forward-thinking learning agency. A collective team of multidisciplinary experts with the creativity and energy to bring your learning to life. The G2C chemistry is our ability to connect, collaborate and create - enabling growth through learning!

Our Core Enablers

Hybrid Workplace Learning

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Learning platforms
  • Support services

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Digital Learning Experiences

  • Micro
  • Mobile
  • Game-based

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Immersive Learning

  • Online games
  • Augmented reality
  • Visual
  • Storytelling

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Who We've Worked With

What Challenges Can Our Approach Address?

We understand the complexity of delivering high-impact and engaging training – especially in an ever-evolving workplace. If you’re facing the following challenges, we can make a real, meaningful & lasting difference in the way you work:

Designed to be relevant to the culture and company’s codes of conduct, with a focus on behaviour and mind-set shift.

Land your message and adoption with great conceptual narratives, collateral and videos.

Transform paper-only compliance programmes to digital learning. Areas covered are CPA, OHS, Competition Law, Diversity, Social Media and Privacy.

Highly immersive learning for better integration into business.

Rapidly design and deploy with gamified micro-learning to upskill and empower front-line staff and sales.

Industries In Which We Have Delivered Results

Banking & financial services

Hospitality, food & beverage




Professional services

Where We've Conquered Learning Challenges

Happy Clients Are Winning Clients

Our Approach Delivers Results

Our personalised approach is based on a shared value model, our upfront scoping and action mapping extends beyond focused learning design, to gather valuable insights which can be applied to overall employee performance and experience. This is demonstrated in the following projects which includes qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Compliance & Ethics Case Study

A sample group of 500 learners were surveyed upon completion of the e-learning programme and there was positive feedback and uptake on the learning. There is a second round of measurements to evaluate the difference between 2019 compliance audit results and 2021 audit results to establish a link between the transition to learning and impact on business.

Do you have a task in the near future that allows you to apply the new skill/knowledge?

Customer Service Game

There was a 17% increase in score between the pre- and post-assessment for the test group, as well as a 5% increase between the test and control group.

The below graph shows the frequency summary of the results:

The pre- and post-assessment each had 10 questions, answered anonymously. The assessments were both based on the client specific content areas of the game. Each assessment had variations of questions for  each content area in order to have meaningful test resulst. By not having repeated questions, participants could not memorise the questions and answers.

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