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Client Need

Our client is a leading logistics company across South Africa. The company needed to inform their client base of a new tool that would improve client / company communication, as well as alleviate the strain on call-centre staff. The key objective was to ensure client uptake with the tool and that client’s understood what the tool could do and how they could access it. 


After consulting numerous Subject-Matter Experts in the company, G2C Learning opted for a multi-media awareness campaign.

This would involve using informative posters which could be easily distributed, providing an in-depth FAQ for clients to refer to, as well as an explainer video that functions as both an advertisement and a digital aid.


The findings from consulting with SME’s resulted in a quicker turnaround time, as well as improved feedback sessions with clients. One week after the tool was released to clients and the awareness campaign was rolled out, tool usage increased by an average of 71% and a further increase is expected as the video and FAQ reach more customers of the client.

Tool Usage
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

“It has been a joy to work with G2C Learning on this intervention. They’ve guided me step by step on my change management approach and they have delivered so fast against their key outcomes.”


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