Published: April 20, 2022
Igniting a Customer-Centric Culture with Game-Based and Experiential Learning

Gone are the days of “Good day, how may I help you?”. Today it sounds more like “Good Day, Let’s go on a journey together to see how we can change your world”. We have moved away from just offering customer service, and towards a focus on co-creating an extraordinary customer experience. If a brand wants to make a sale, they must make an impact, with a mind-blowing customer experience.

Companies now need to determine not only how to attract customers initially, but how to get them to keep coming back for more. The customer experience journey is at the top of organisation’s list of priorities in day to day business. Having said that,we have to ask the question;“How much have they invested in the skilling of their front-line employees that are responsible for offering these incredible customer experiences daily?

There are numerous reasons why game-based learning and customer-service are great partners to deliver change in how customer service is delivered. Here are some statistics on customer service and how game-based learning helps you get through the road blocks on taking your customers on an unique customer journey.

Game2Change has developed many successful Customer Service training programs using our game-based tools and techniques.