Published: April 20, 2022
The Benefit of Being a Digital Learner


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If there is anything that the last few years have pushed into focus it’s that learning has taken a bold direction. The concept of a digital learner, while not new, has certainly been revolutionized. Learning has been taken out of the classroom, the training workshop, and has been placed into the learners’ hands through technology.
The combination of mobile devices, learner management systems, and skilled coders has allowed teachers and educators to move their learning to digital platforms. Zoom lessons, online work and assignments, and even videos created by teachers explaining the assignment are all possible. How content can be delivered is not the only benefit in the era of digital learning.
Imagine it’s your first day at university and you aren’t sure where your class is, with the tap of a button on an app, a 3D arrow could appear directing you to your class. What if a learner wants to book a time to interact with a lecturer? No problem, lecturers can create digital calendars with meetings times for students to book. Processes like providing marks or feedback become much more responsive as learners can quickly check their progress. Facilitators can track the amount of time learners spend on different modules and react to any problem areas. Small things such as learners being able to see the checklist of books they need to read and their sections can help a learner focus on key learnings rather than miscellaneous management. The use of digital apps can help many processes be much more effective.
With these examples, one can see how the digital learner does not only benefit from having their educational content online but also how their learning experience can be shaped.
However, as great as these benefits are we need to be aware that not every learner has the same mindset toward digital learning. Older learners today or trainees for a business can often be skeptical or against the notion of online learning and getting them to interact with a learner management solution may be detrimental to their learning.
Pearson’s has done an excellent job at showing how the digital learner is a diverse solution that digital learning can offer, but it is highly dependent on the type of learner you are dealing with. G2C Learning is aware of this difference and that is why we push to always understand the learner before implementing solutions.