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South Africa’s continuously changing environment requires concerted conscientious efforts towards transformation and understanding. Our client, a leading financial service provider in South Africa with more than 25 million customers approached G2C Learning with the request to help them create a stronger environment for transformation. With a service provider this large, one of the main challenges was handling the scale at which the solution needed to be rolled out at. Our key challenge in helping create an environment that fostered transformation was tackling employee unconscious bias as these attitudes ultimately affect how people feel about each other and can hinder efforts to create inclusion and diversity.


Dealing with unconscious bias is a sensitive matter that requires delicate addressing. To help not overwhelm and ensure learners could engage with the content, multiple highly stylised animated videos that addressed the content piece by piece in small sections were created. This solution allowed learners time to process and reflect, introducing the topic in one video and expanding into how the unconscious mind affects our decision-making in another.


The unconscious bias change management was received as a resounding success. The change was seen as a step forward to further transformation in the company. The sectional rollout meant concerns with the topic could be addressed with employees as they arouse. The change management has affected over 8000 employees many of which are in senior positions where change management can have the most impact. In addition, due to the success of the videos, an action plan can be created to assist with mitigating factors that might contribute to how the company moves forward with transformation.



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