Published: November 17, 2022
Compliance Essentials | FirstRand Group

Compliance Essentials

Client Need

Our client is one of South Africa’s leading financial institutions. The client’s Compliance Group Function needed assistance with creating a learning journey that would act as a “license-to-operate” for over 3000 compliance officers. The key objective was to create a learning journey that was based on the institute’s three core pillars of Why, What, and How, and to provide compliance officers with a standardised approach to identifying and managing risk and compliance across the business.


The G2C team and our client collaboratively work together to conceptualise, design, and develop an engaging and interactive course that would provide compliance officers with a standardised approach to how risk and compliance are managed in the different business segments. A combination of video, assessments, and case studies were used to create engaging learning and provided the compliance officers with a consequence-free space to apply their learning to a real-world work situation.


The result was a series of six interactive eLearning courses that empowered and equipped compliance officers with the skills and knowledge to manage risk and compliance across the business. Here is what our client had to say about the delivered product, “For the first time, this course translates the principles we have always had from a compliance perspective into how you actually need to do it, how you should do it, and what best practice looks like. It really brings that How to meet the What which is going to be a huge benefit for our compliance people…”