We offer the following services:

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We offer the following services:
Gamified Learning Learning Advisory Services Learning Experience Design Micro-Learning Workplace Game Development

Gamified Learning

We reimagine your learning journey by flipping a predictable linear process into an engaging and immersive learning experience. We design as both mobi-sites, applications or plug-ins to your learning platform.

Learning Advisory Services

Our learning advisory services help you position your learning towards success. We are accredited in Action Mapping which is performance-focused and measurable.

Learning Experience Design

Agile elearning for active participation with immersive elements of storytelling, 360 images and scenario-based interventions. We design from simple to complex and our specialty is in gamified elearning.


We know that learners have limited time and attention so we build self-paced bite-size pieces of learning – ideal as affordable elearning. Ideal for reinforcement, performance support or a change campaign.

Workplace Game Development

Our agile game design helps you turn difficult message or mundane content into highly interactive memorable experiences. This can be included in your elearning, marketing campaigns or as mobile micro-learning.