Education regulatory video creation | Instill Education

Client need:

An emerging tertiary educational Institute approached G2C Learning with an urgent request
to create two videos required for regulatory purposes.
The goal was to create two walkthrough videos. The first focused on a campus showcase to students, whilst the second focused on presenting the various digital learning opportunities students would have access to. However, since these videos were required for regulatory purposes, it was of the utmost importance that the videos were produced at the highest possible quality.

Our solution:

Understanding the importance of these videos and having to work with a tight deadline, the G2C team decided to divide the work. One group focused on the video showcasing the campus, whilst the other group focused on the video presenting the institute’s digital learning
opportunities. The campus video required G2C Learning to create a script and shot list to ensure the effective use of time whilst on campus. The digital learning opportunities video was created using screen capture footage and professionally edited together with a voice-over.


The decision to divide the work resulted in a quick development turnaround time for both videos. With the client having provided a preliminary script, only a small number of changes were made to both videos. This allowed the G2C team to focus their time on delivering high-quality videos that would suit the regulator’s needs. The team’s effective time management ensured the videos were delivered well before the deadline which allowed the client time to request any further changes that were required.

Multimedia Awareness Campaign | Vector Logistics

Client need:

Our client is a leading logistics company across South Africa. The company needed to inform their client base of a new tool that would improve client/ company communication, as well as alleviate the strain on call-centre staff. The key objective was to ensure client uptake with the tool and that client’s understood what the tool could do and how they could access it.

Our solution:

After consulting numerous Subject-Matter Experts in the company, G2C Learning opted for a multi-media awareness campaign. This would involve using informative posters which could be easily distributed, providing an in-depth FAQ for clients to refer to, as well as an explainer video that functions as both an advertisement and a digital aid.


The findings from consulting with SME’s resulted in a quicker turnaround time, as well as improved feedback sessions with clients. One week after the tool was released to clients and the awareness campaign was rolled out, tool usage increased by an average of 71% and a further increase is expected as the video and FAQ reach more customers of the client.

Leadership Programme | Standard Bank

Client need:

A leading financial services provider approached G2C learning with a video creation need for their Leadership Program. The goal was to create a video that would create hype and excitement for the delegates attending the Leadership Program but also give an overview of the program to the delegates. In addition, the client asked for an extra video that showcased the previous Leadership Program Alumni’s experiences.

Our solution:

With the client providing a clear outcome for the videos, G2C Learning knew that the biggest obstacle would be the delivery time frame. Accustomed to working with tight deadlines the team decided to use the tools at their disposal and created three draft videos so that the client could decide on the video’s style. This ended up saving numerous rounds of feedback and revision and provided a clear indication to the client of the video outcome early in the process. Because of previous interactions with the client, our excellent design team fully understood the look and feel of the brand guide needed for the video.


Due to fast and effective planning, both videos were delivered before the deadline with only a few revision changes needed. The video was positively received by the delegates and successfully created excitement around the Leadership Program.

Ethics & Compliance | Massmart

Client need:

Our client requested an update of their current CBL learning due to regulatory and compliance changes. In addition, they transitioned to a new learner management system of Moodle and needed to ensure compatibility. The CBL content needed to be developed in an HTML format (no flash) and to be SCORM compliant with Moodle with tracking and reporting capability.

Our solution:

G2C Learning reviewed the content of all the current CBL, video and workbooks and designed a standard template to incorporate into the compliance eLearning for launch in 2021.
A standard template and repurposing of existing content was applied to the learning design. The key objective was to design an easy to understand, simple eLearning which could be rolled-out on the new Moodle platform.


We have noticed that most learners enjoyed the transition to eLearning and would in future prefer this mode.
Another key area is that learners would like the eLearning to be more engaging, this could be in terms of design, interactivity and how key information is conveyed.

Change Management | Nashua

Client need:

Our client was adopting a blended learning approach in their organization. We were requested to design and deliver a fun and engaging game to launch their new eLearning system as part of their training campaign. The campaign was to initiate the launch and training for their selected change champions and eLearning ambassadors.

The ultimate goal was to energize and excite the ambassadors for the new eLearning system as well as highlight the benefits of implementing the system in their branches. The game-based experience was required to get ambassadors to adopt the new system and give them skills and techniques of how to navigate change through group knowledge sharing.

Our solution:

We designed a tactile (board) game to include learning a new skill and driving positive behavior change. The skill and knowledge component consisted of:

spa Key benefits of technology (Learner Management System)

spa Key benefits of blended learning.

spa Process to assist staff to embrace change.

The behavioral component was to drive a positive and resilient approach to managing change within the organization. This was achieved through:

spa Team cohesion and support (between champions in different regions)

spa How to create buy-in and manage resistance.

This was delivered in a high energy co-facilitated session with internal sponsors of the project. A total of 40 change champions participated in two  games over a period of 2 hours, with a debrief thereafter.

Customer Experience | Wimpy

Client need:

Our client was launching their annual campaign and required an energized approach to their customer experience training program. As part of their traditional training, the Customer Experience Game was required to encourage learning of new behavioral skills, team cohesion, and high energy for both front line and support staff.

The game needed to create an energized and experiential session whereby behaviors and mindsets could be challenged. The game needed to be designed around our client’s campaign theme with a strong impactful narrative.

Our Solution:

Game2change designed a two levelled game, to be played in teams (3 – 5) across all five categories. Competition and collaboration is achieved while creating an engaging learning experience. The duration is between 1,5 – 2 hours. The game consisted of 5 categories which each related to a different area of training content.

We made use of scenarios and role-play based questions in order to change behaviors and mindsets within a real-life context. The below content areas were covered as part of the gameplay:

spa Overview of good customer service and ethos which covers basic customer service skills.

spa Questions to get to know each of the team members. Positive traits and attributes are also emphasized and celebrated.

spa General knowledge and what is happening in the world and the client’s company and industry. Included fun activities and challenges.

spa Questions and scenarios that highlight the difference between customer service and customer experience. Questions are based on enhancing customer experience.

spa Scenarios and role-plays of challenges in the customer service environment. These are day-to-day situations that encourage problem solving and are real-life scenarios for the client’s company.

Internal trainers were upskilled on how to run the game and provide feedback in order to maximize learning. Trainers then rolled-out the game nation wide at the client’s branches as part of their campaign launch as well as part of their training programs.

Customer Experience | FNB

Client need:

Our client required a fun and interactive way to deliver customer service training as part of onboarding and existing staff refreshers. The game needed to have strong relevance to the client’s industry and environment.

Game2Change designed a Customer Experience Game to enhance customer centric skills within the call centre environment.

Our solution:

Game2Change designed a full tactile game to meet the following objectives:

  • Develop a knowledge of who the customer is and how to personalize service.
  • Develop product knowledge and how services are executed.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Cultivate the behavioral skills of empathy, listening, and having a positive attitude.
  • Embed team support and cohesion to manage the emotional labor of

The game used the following techniques in order to meet the objectives:

  • Openness and sharing of different perspectives.
  • Simulated scenarios and narratives based on real-life data collected form stakeholders.
  • Fun and interactive engagement which lowers defenses and enables better problem solving.
  • Team cohesion with social dynamic mechanics.

There was a 17% increase in score between the pre- and post-assessment for the test group, as well as a 5% increase between the test and control group.
The below graph shows the score frequency summary of the results:

The pre- and post-assessment each had 10 questions, answered anonymously. The assessments were both based on the client specific content areas of the game. Each assessment had variations of questions for each content area in order to have meaningful test results. By not having repeated questions participants could not memorize questions and answers.

Induction | Discovery

Client need:

Our client’s Online Induction Program was an initiative designed to facilitate the onboarding of new employees. This program allowed our client’s employees to gain information and knowledge through a series of visual elements coupled with face-face interactions. The client required a learning platform, such as Udemy, which allowed their new employees to access and journey through the online course via a self-directed learning experience.

Our client required a solution that was not only informative but visually engaging. The online program needed to have the client’s professional look and feel, whilst functionally being simple to navigate and complete. The online induction program was required to showcase the 5 pillars of Discovery to new employees.

Our solution:

Game2Change designed and delivered a series of 10 video-based units encompassing the Online Induction Program. The 10 videos displayed different areas of our client’s company and delivered crucial information for each.

With the objective being to provide useful information to new employees and foster high retainment and engagement, Game2Change designed content which was simple and concise to understand and remember. Along with the content, the functionality of the platform and clickable features were met with ease during the navigation stage of the course.

Game2Change delivered the solution with the following deliverables:

Induction | Standard Bank

Client need:

The client required an innovative way to train and induct their new graduates.
The graduates participated in a two-week induction program which included onsite rotation in the organization.

The blended learning session consisted of group cohorts learning online. The second components was experiential to reinforce material covered online and in the content induction sessions.

Our solution:

We designed and delivered three games over a period of 2 weeks (facilitated over 3 days) which delivered a blended learning induction programme of digital and game-based workshops for new graduates.

The objective was to provide an overview of the enterprise and drill down into divisional and team level, allowing new incumbents with a know-how of navigating and operating in a large corporate environment, and how to apply the New Ways of Work. Each layer of the organization was explained and related back to the individuals, with a game-based intervention to consolidate understanding.

The three games designed were:

Keys to Enterprise: Journey into understanding the organization at an enterprise level.

Battleship Bootcamp: Journey of understanding the division and its components.

Clash of Clans: Journey of understanding each of the teams and how they operate.

This approach not only harnessed the energy of new talent into the organization but increased retention with better organizational awareness, and formation of work relationships.