Induction | Standard Bank

Client need:

The client required an innovative way to train and induct their new graduates.
The graduates participated in a two-week induction program which included onsite rotation in the organization.

The blended learning session consisted of group cohorts learning online. The second components was experiential to reinforce material covered online and in the content induction sessions.

Our solution:

We designed and delivered three games over a period of 2 weeks (facilitated over 3 days) which delivered a blended learning induction programme of digital and game-based workshops for new graduates.

The objective was to provide an overview of the enterprise and drill down into divisional and team level, allowing new incumbents with a know-how of navigating and operating in a large corporate environment, and how to apply the New Ways of Work. Each layer of the organization was explained and related back to the individuals, with a game-based intervention to consolidate understanding.

The three games designed were:

Keys to Enterprise: Journey into understanding the organization at an enterprise level.

Battleship Bootcamp: Journey of understanding the division and its components.

Clash of Clans: Journey of understanding each of the teams and how they operate.

This approach not only harnessed the energy of new talent into the organization but increased retention with better organizational awareness, and formation of work relationships.



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