Introduction to POPIA admin November 20, 2022



The POPIA Act requires all organisations in South Africa to protect the personal information of customers. This course is to provide awareness and to prevent any dangerous data breeches. The course is customised to the organisation’s requirements and the type of information which is handled.

± 20 -30 min



This describes the POPIA Act and its purpose

This will cover import elements in relation to a private business 

Unpacking the three types of personal information from (i) Private (ii) Sensitive personal data and (iii) Health Information. It will also be customised to your organisations type of data 

This explains all the activities which may touches on how data is cycled and helps explain the number of issues and concerns which impact on data privacy 

This lists the 8 conditions for lawful processing of data

This covers the fareas in which data breech may happen from (i) Unpatched Security Vulnerability (ii) Human Error (iii) Malware (iv) Inside Misuse (v) Physical Theft of a Data-Carrying Device (vi) Social Engineering 

This will be customised to the clients’ policies