Excellence in Learning Design Brochure


Our Excellence in Learning Design (EiLD) is a step-by-step program, guiding you to wear the lens of a “Game Designer” to design a more immersive and interactive learning experience. Our Four Diamond journey leads you through the instructional steps of Discover, Design, Create (Prototype) and Test & Implement to learn and apply at the same time. Our focus is to include a good understanding of these with practical techniques to weave into the Four Diamond approach. You will bring your own project to the learning experience.

In an increasingly cluttered and overstimulated world, your training programs can easily get lost and dismissed as just more content overload. Attracting and holding the attention of your learners requires a rich online experience.

The gold standard is to educate, while simultaneously entertaining in an interactive and immersive manner. A good starting point is strong visuals, click-through interactions and gamified quizzes. The next level of immersive learning requires that something extra.

One of the most impactful practices to start designing a more engaging learning experience is learning to think like a Game Designer. The Gaming industry has been rapidly growing over the last decade and it clearly demonstrates how to capture an audience. There are many practices in Game Design which can be adopted and adjusted to make better learning experiences.