Our History

Our Story

We are a multi-disciplined team who have the energy and creativity to bring your learning to life! We are lean and adaptable to meet your changing needs and environment. Embedded in our culture is a set of values and principles to deliver high impact learning which makes a meaningful contribution.

Our purpose is to foster growth through learning

In fulfilling our purpose, we have set the following areas of contribution over and above our business services:

Contribute towards skills development in Africa by offering local instructional designers' free access to our Learning Experience Design course.

Involvement in environmental social initiatives with designing online and tactile games for  greater awareness.

Hosting a bimonthly webinar and Mentor Moments series for our local community on relevant and high impact approaches for learning and skills development.

Why Choose Us


Every client and project is considered unique, we listen carefully to understand the best solution for your
environment and needs.


We blend a core team with hand-picked associates to give a diversity of thinking, depth and technical ability in transforming problems into creative solutions.


We clearly communicate and commit ensuring close alignment of your solution to the end product and

Company Specialists & Associates

Working With Us

Our personalised approach is based on a shared value model, our upfront scoping and action mapping extends beyond focused learning design, to gather valuable insights which can be applied to overall employee performance and experience. This is demonstrated in the following projects which includes qualitative and quantitative measurements.

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